Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

With rapid advancements and the process of building private companies, enterprise outsourcing to start-ups, new funding rules, and a willingness to innovate like never before, there is no longer a barrier to entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs.

In fact, this trend is so compelling, a recent study found that American venture capital would be worth $1 trillion. In stark contrast, America’s domestic venture capital industry only totals about $176 billion.

Smart Connections for Enterprise Outsourcing to Start-Ups

Even without considering the lucrative opportunity of venture capital, just think about the opportunities presented by Enterprise Outsourcing. First, you’ve got content curation platforms like Medium, Google, and Twitter (I know, I used Medium for my first job). These platforms have big talent bases, efficient methods for distributing content, and very high traffic.

There’s a tremendous amount of content that these platforms have collected that is perfectly suited for in-house enterprise content management. You can even start aggregating data as you go with the wide range of data providers (like Pandora, Dropbox, and Reddit). The ability to organize content from many sources, export data by popularity or category, and annotate content are the most valuable skills you can bring to your content platform.

What I Mean by Venture Capital

A venture capital firm is an umbrella network that initially connects the people who are the target parties. It acts as an intermediary between investors and borrowers of capital. In exchange for their capital, it is likely to earn the lender some interest (usually 0-3%) and the borrower other benefits. The threshold used to determine fees is usually an acceptable benchmark at 1% or 2% of the amount of capital raised.

When you consider the importance of a venture capital firm to a VC fund, it’s clear that it’s an important business of trust for an economy to have a healthier and more vibrant environment for enterprise outsourcing to start-ups. So, how does venture capital fit into today’s list of enterprise outsourcing opportunities?

The Importance of Venture Capital to Start-Ups

One of the many positives of venture capital for early-stage, high-risk startups is the fact that the average investor earns a better return compared to other sources like bank loans.

The difference between venture capital’s net and gross ROI is an enormous factor in a small firm’s success or failure. This is why there’s been quite a few changes to different lending products this year. Take for example the new Select Capital program (introduced recently by TCV). Now, a lender can choose to offer higher interest rates, including as high as 6.9% of the amount loaned, in exchange for a portion of the profits the startup made.

Even if your startup is too risky to receive investment capital, putting your company in the hands of a more experienced lender is still an alternative that should be taken into account.

After all, entrepreneurs will recognize risks from various outside sources that won’t show up in other business models. But without loan capital to get your business off the ground, the millions you’ve poured into your new product could come to very little.

Whether you’re looking to secure investment or take away from them, business founders are certainly benefiting from the benefits of venture capital.

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