Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

P Grant is showing us hip-hop still lives. P Grant recently released “Whitney” in August of 2022 and it’s already snowballing into one of the most popular songs of 2022. Leaks say P Grant is working on his new single “Do It Best ft. Skull & Troop”, and he’s been shooting some of the visuals ready in NC. Rumors suggest he may be doing some of the visuals in NJ for this new single. P Grant is also set to go into visuals for his hit single “Whitney” which is heavily anticipated. “Do It Best ft. Skull & Troop”, is said to be another different vibe and twist from “Whitney”. P Grant is currently working on other projects, such as television & film. P Grant just recently made an appearance on “Shoot Callers” a Roku television podcast. P Grant is definitely showing he is becoming one of the faces for NJ hip-hop, as we are becoming more familiar with his voice & sound and we look forward to his new single “Do it Best ft. Skull & Troop.” We are interested in hearing the follow up single to “Whitney”, as we know P Grant won’t let us down. P Grant is definitely hip-hop’s new trend.

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