Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

J Demons hit single “Stoner”, produced by “Steele” is going into video production. “J Demons” is becoming very popular in the hip-hop community very quickly as the future of artistry in hip-hop. His single “Stoner” is mixed with pop and hip-hop giving us “Rae Sremmurd” vibes. The video for “Stoner”, is scheduled to drop next month worldwide.

“J Demons” is a unique artist who has something different to add to hip-hop, outside of its boom-bap or trap sound. “J Demons” is the voice and the future of the youth in hip-hop. In his catalog of music, he has given songs with grunge rock, in other music he’s singing popish. “J Demons” popularity is undeniable and his music is intriguingly different in sound and format. In prior news, we learned “J Demons” suffered from depression which led him to become a writer pouring out all of his pain and stress into a pen. He gave his pain a positive outlet through musical expression. He is very vocal about suffering from mental health before and he shares his experiences to give others who suffer from depression clarity one can defeat depression. “J Demons” has set the tone of being an innovative artist with many styles. “J Demons” is currently working on his album, which is said to be a classic as he is working with the best producers & engineers for his album to have no flaws in sound and flow. It’s an album we all look forward to as this NJ native takes the spotlight. Currently, J Demons is signed to “Broke Off Entertainment”, which is owned and run by “Maurice Goodrich”, and we’re looking forward to seeing more from “J Demons” as we anticipate his album and new video of “Stoner” to be released.

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